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Special features and their advantages
Feature   Advantages
The fraction mill, system Gisiger, has a wide range of applications and can be used universally in the dry as well as in the wet range. The fraction mill, system Gisiger, works without knives and is – as we say – equipped with primitive tools. The fraction mill, system Gisiger, shreds the pieces of wood to a high degree parallel to the fibers and in the same manner and quality over many hours of operation.The universal fraction mill, system Gisiger, is based on a clever interaction of striking tools, impingement plates and sorting screens with extremely low friction. Because of the low friction very little energy is lost, and the energy employed is converted optimally into pulping work. With the universal fraction mill, system Gisiger, the desired flake size is determined by the screens carried on drawers.   Many duties can be performed with the same machine type, affording very economic spare parts stocking. In the case of plant conversion the fraction mill can be used again and again. The machine is very accommodating and easily withstands minor contamination such as sand etc. The tool costs per ton of processed material are very low and amount to only a fraction of the costs of knife flakers. The flakes which have a high quality due to their fiber parallelism yield excellent board properties, and because of constant form and quality over a long time the other board parameters can be tuned optimally, resulting in low manufacturing costs. By means of changing the screens, which is possible in a few minutes, the desired flake size can be produced at any time.


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USZ 90-1250/1950


USZ 90-1250/1950

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