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Special features and their advantages
Feature   Advantages
The knifeless fraction chipper «System Gisiger» is based on an ingenious combination of feedwork, impact tools, breakerplate and separating screen with extreme low friction. The «Gisiger» fraction chipper is working without knives and is supplied with simple and rugged tools. The «Gisiger» knifeless fraction chipper supplied with impact tools mounted on the rotor, thus the tool is able to retract by great resistance. The «Gisiger» knifeless fraction chipper shreds the product to a high degree parallel to the fiber without any damage to the fiber. The «Gisiger» knifeless fraction chipper has a wide range of applications and can be used for dry and wet raw material.   Due to low friction, the wear of the impact tools and machine parts is cut to a minimum, thus longer operation times between changing of the tools have been achieved. The long operating time between changing of the impact tools are the multiple in comparison with chipper knives. Therefore the tool costs per ton produced is very low. Further to an ingenious space arrangement the tools and rotor are protected, which gives a continuous and troublefree operation. Due to the parallel fiber fractioning, the fiber flakes produced are of a greater degree of slenderness. This high quality fiber flake is ideal for further fractioning or depending on the application can be used directly for manufacturing. The universal ability of the machine, permits the machine to be installed for various products, economically and with great flexibility.


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