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Function and aim from the machine
Function   Aim
The particles reach the double trough blender through a large optimal situated inlet. Due to several connections for the nozzles in the inlet collar and the first section of the trough an ideal and individual nozzle placement is possible. The nozzles divide the flow of the glue into small drops spattering the falling, or already rotating particles, and causing an optimal pre-distribution of the glue. The two inward rotating rotor shafts are tipped with special blending tools which can be adjusted individually. Therefore, the particles keep accelerating and decelerating. Further, the particles are constantly thrown from one blending chamber into the other. Thus, each particle has a different speed and flight path and they rub tenderly against each other. The small drops of glue are wiped as desired and the particles are blended thoroughly.   To achieve the lowest glue consumption possible through: Even pre-spraying of the glue in small drops upon the particles. Tender wiping of the drops into a thin layer over the surface of the particles without destroying the particles. Optimal post-blending of the flake bulk to achieve a constant and homogeneous blending of the particles in order to avoid material deposits in the following conveying equipment. Versatile setting possibilities in order to make possible an optimum operation in a wide field of application ranging from the glueing of large particles for the production of building boards up to the glueing of micro particles of the surface material. Long operating periods without the necessary cleaning and maintenance work.


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